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Our students, graduates and culture are unique. At JNI, our students care beyond what is expected, and pride themselves on helping others discover their own deep sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

If you want to study at a leading counselling and community services institution that values your unique life experience and focuses on the whole you, JNI is the right place for you.

Ashleigh Wise 200x200

I’ve worked with so many young people who are at the end of their tether, and to be able to offer them a service and see them restored with their families and to see their faces and how appreciative they are, that someone walked this journey with them, that is absolutely incredible. Everyone can change the world, I think that is absolutely true.

JNI Undergraduate, Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling)

Olivia Saxon 200x200

I thought I might be the oldest on the course, however it was such a diverse group of people and ages!

JNI Graduate, Masters of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy

Jill-Mills 200x200

I have a desire to help people live a better. It is fascinating - you meet people and the way they are living their lives - there is always such a story behind it. When people are not in such a great place, sometimes they just need someone to talk things through with. I enjoy that side of it.

JNI Graduate, Masters of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy