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JNI’s campus is a vibrant place and there’s always plenty happening. From events to help you get involved with a good cause, through to industry evenings where you can connect with those working in the field, JNI has plenty of activities to choose from.

Academic and Professional Support

Each student has unique learning needs and challenges, so JNI’s Student Support Coordinators are on hand to help create a positive learning experience by addressing a wide range of student concerns. These may include improving academic writing and providing assignment feedback. Our academic and professional support service also includes the Think: Start resources and Think: CLASS (for English language and academic skills support).

General Support

JNI is focused on creating an engaging, hands-on learning environment where each student is able to build a close rapport with their lecturers. Our theory classes typically contain no more than 25 students, while group therapy and supervision sessions are even smaller. This approach enhances students’ individual learning and allows everyone to feel at ease, where our experienced staff are available to give you the extra attention you need to help you reach your goals. Our administrative staff can also assist you with the use of equipment and booking rooms for client counselling.

Campus Library

We allow students to focus on their studies with easily accessible, comprehensive facilities educational resources. Available to enhance students’ in-class learning, the library offers an ever-growing collection of specialist textbooks, videos and learning materials. While at the library students can visit the computer lab, and take advantage of high-speed Internet and free WiFi across campus to help you complete research and assignments with ease. To ensure your learning process runs smoothly, the library also offers training workshops to show you how to gather information and access our extensive databases. The library is open from Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm, Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm.

Online Resources

Offering 24-hour access to our databases, online catalogue and extensive list of books and online videos, JNI’s Online Learning Portal is a digital extension of our library and educational services. The portal is ideal for students taking online classes as well as for on-campus students who can access these materials anytime, anywhere. Updated regularly, it also offers tools for assignments and practical work experience, such as assignment cover sheets, client consent forms, and ongoing course information, so students can keep up-to-date with their classes and access these materials easily and quickly whether at home or on campus.

Counselling Services

We appreciate that students may encounter personal challenges that may influence their studies. We provide a professional counselling service to students that will ensure their learning runs smoothly and is a positive experience. At our Pyrmont Campus, a Student Counsellor and Advisor is on hand to assist you with personal and welfare issues, such as confidential, free counselling for personal problems and maintaining attendance, and referrals to outside services and agencies To make an appointment, simply contact The Wellbeing Clinic at Pyrmont Campus.