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Work Health and Safety Policy

The Think: Education Group (THINK) acknowledges that effective Work Health and Safety (WHS) management is an integral part of its operations. THINK and its senior management are therefore committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all people in its places of work.

All members of the THINK community, which includes employees, contractors, students, and suppliers, have a collective and individual responsibility with regard to the prevention of workplace injuries and to the maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment.

The proactive strategies to achieve this policy are to:

  • Ensure safety practices and procedures are adequate, implemented and maintained throughout THINK. These are to be relevant to the operational activity, comply with statutory requirements, and promote the involvement of all personnel in the maintenance of a safe working environment;
  • Ensure that risk assessments are performed for all activities where there is a potential to cause harm to individuals or property damage and that the responsible person is satisfied that all foreseeable hazards are identified, assessed and controlled;
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets to continually improve WHS in the workplace and reduce work related injuries and illness;
  • Identify and provide appropriate WHS training and dissemination of health and safety information to all employees, contractors, students and visitors to the workplace;
  • Consult with workers in a meaningful and effective manner on WHS issues to enable each worker to contribute to decisions that may affect their health, safety and wellbeing at work;
  • Provide adequate human and financial resources to ensure effective implementation of the Work Health and Safety Management System;
  • Document and communicate WHS responsibilities to all levels of worker;
  • Communicate this policy through public display and training;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of this policy and the related programs on an ongoing basis.