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Work Health and Safety Policy

The Think: Education Group (THINK) acknowledges that effective Work Health and Safety (WHS) management is an integral part of its operations. THINK and its senior management are therefore committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all people in its places of work.

All members of the THINK community, which includes employees, contractors, students, and suppliers, have a collective and individual responsibility with regard to the prevention of workplace injuries and to the maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment.

The proactive strategies to achieve this policy are to:

  • Ensure safety practices and procedures are adequate, implemented and maintained throughout THINK. These are to be relevant to the operational activity, comply with statutory requirements, and promote the involvement of all personnel in the maintenance of a safe working environment;
  • Ensure that risk assessments are performed for all activities where there is a potential to cause harm to individuals or property damage and that the responsible person is satisfied that all foreseeable hazards are identified, assessed and controlled;
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets to continually improve WHS in the workplace and reduce work related injuries and illness;
  • Identify and provide appropriate WHS training and dissemination of health and safety information to all employees, contractors, students and visitors to the workplace;
  • Consult with workers in a meaningful and effective manner on WHS issues to enable each worker to contribute to decisions that may affect their health, safety and wellbeing at work;
  • Provide adequate human and financial resources to ensure effective implementation of the Work Health and Safety Management System;
  • Document and communicate WHS responsibilities to all levels of worker;
  • Communicate this policy through public display and training;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of this policy and the related programs on an ongoing basis.


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Non-academic support:

On-campus - Reception 1300 738 243

Online - The Online Service team offers students assistance for all non-academic matters. This includes all administrative matters regarding your enrolment, withdrawing, deferring, or requesting extensions to an assessment. If you have any questions, the Online Service team can always point you in the right direction to get the answer you need. While all forms are readily available on My Hub, you may prefer to email or call and consult with a member of Online Service. You can contact Online Service via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 1300 18 60 82 between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Where to go if you: On Campus Flexible Online Learning
Have attendance issues, such as illness, and extenuating personal issues Student Services Online Service Team
Personal problems affecting your ability to study on campus or at home Student Support team Online Service Team
Require administrative support such as timetables and academic transcripts Student Services Online Service Team
Have academic issues, such as assessments, academic progress, course content, the quality of course delivery, academic achievement in your course of study, facilities and equipment 1 - Your lecturer
2 - Relevant Program Manager
1 - Your lecturer
2 - Online Service Team

Get organised and study!

Study can be difficult sometimes, especially when you are busy juggling work, family and friends. So how do you overcome some of those study hurdles? We've got a tutorial with tips and tricks that can get you ready for study covering the key points:

  • Getting organised
  • Planning your time
  • Just start!
  • Finding a place to study
  • Asking for help

Useful Time Management Tools

When you are juggling paid work, family and friends it can be hard to find the time to study. Use these time management tools to find ideas for getting organised.


Complete this quiz to see if you need some help planning your time

Complete this Assessment Planner so you know when your assessments are due.
icon24hour THE 24 HOUR WHEEL
Colour in the wheel so you know where you're spending your time so you can plan effectively.
After you have completed your assessment planner, complete the weekly planner.
iconTimeFlies TIME FLIES
Another time management exercise to help you understand where your time goes.

Podcasts: Advice from teachers and students

A success story

Anneli talks about her success – why she came back to study and how she sought out support from friends, family and lecturers.

Balancing work and study

James talks about balancing work with study and a desire to improve his career prospects.

Preparing for study

Dr Pol McCann talks about preparing to study in a vocational program-what is required of you and why? Plus - some thoughts about getting practical experience.

Tips for writing assignments

Dr Pol McCann talks about what it means to be writing assignments in your college, particularly for a Bachelor's Degree. How do you prepare and what process do you need to follow to ensure success? How do you get help?

JNI is housed in a state-of-the-art holistic health and wellbeing campus in Pyrmont, the first in Sydney to bring together a number of key leading health and wellbeing colleges under one roof. As JNI is part of the Think: Education Group, you’ll also find two of its other health and wellness colleges: the Australian National College of Beauty (ANCB) and the Australasian College of Natural Therapy (ACNT). Pyrmont is located close to Sydney’s CBD with easy access to public transport on trains, buses and ferries.

The campus is equipped with a range of facilities to ensure each student’s learning experience is flexible, practical and stimulating, including:

  • counselling consultation rooms
  • student break-out areas
  • library with fabulous views of Sydney’s city skyline
  • campus-wide WiFi

Pyrmont Campus and The Wellbeing Centre at Pyrmont Campus


235 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont 2009
Ph: 1300 738 243

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JNI’s campus is a vibrant place and there’s always plenty happening. From events to help you get involved with a good cause, through to industry evenings where you can connect with those working in the field, JNI has plenty of activities to choose from.

Academic and Professional Support

Each student has unique learning needs and challenges, so JNI’s Student Support Coordinators are on hand to help create a positive learning experience by addressing a wide range of student concerns. These may include improving academic writing and providing assignment feedback. Our academic and professional support service also includes the Think: Start resources and Think: CLASS (for English language and academic skills support).

General Support

JNI is focused on creating an engaging, hands-on learning environment where each student is able to build a close rapport with their lecturers. Our theory classes typically contain no more than 25 students, while group therapy and supervision sessions are even smaller. This approach enhances students’ individual learning and allows everyone to feel at ease, where our experienced staff are available to give you the extra attention you need to help you reach your goals. Our administrative staff can also assist you with the use of equipment and booking rooms for client counselling.

Campus Library

We allow students to focus on their studies with easily accessible, comprehensive facilities educational resources. Available to enhance students’ in-class learning, the library offers an ever-growing collection of specialist textbooks, videos and learning materials. While at the library students can visit the computer lab, and take advantage of high-speed Internet and free WiFi across campus to help you complete research and assignments with ease. To ensure your learning process runs smoothly, the library also offers training workshops to show you how to gather information and access our extensive databases. The library is open from Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm, Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm.

Online Resources

Offering 24-hour access to our databases, online catalogue and extensive list of books and online videos, JNI’s Online Learning Portal is a digital extension of our library and educational services. The portal is ideal for students taking online classes as well as for on-campus students who can access these materials anytime, anywhere. Updated regularly, it also offers tools for assignments and practical work experience, such as assignment cover sheets, client consent forms, and ongoing course information, so students can keep up-to-date with their classes and access these materials easily and quickly whether at home or on campus.

Counselling Services

We appreciate that students may encounter personal challenges that may influence their studies. We provide a professional counselling service to students that will ensure their learning runs smoothly and is a positive experience. At our Pyrmont Campus, a Student Counsellor and Advisor is on hand to assist you with personal and welfare issues, such as confidential, free counselling for personal problems and maintaining attendance, and referrals to outside services and agencies To make an appointment, simply contact The Wellbeing Clinic at Pyrmont Campus.