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JNI has been transforming the lives of our students for over 30 years.

JNI grew out of the Relationship Development Centre, which was founded in 1978 in Sydney by Dr David Jansen. Dr Jansen was co-founder of the California Family Study Centre in Los Angeles - now known as the Phillips Graduate Institute - a large graduate training centre for marriage and family counsellors. In 1981, Dr Jansen was joined by Margaret Newman. Together they founded and developed the Jansen Newman Institute into the prestigious counselling, community services and psychotherapy education and training provider it is today.

Recently, JNI has broadened its course offerings to include a wider investigation of the social sciences, including Community Services. This has allowed our students to explore new aspects of human relationships while experiencing the rich counselling tradition that runs through JNI. We are proud that our graduates are skilled practitioners who care beyond what is expected. They inspire change by helping others be heard, and through this, make a true difference in the broader community.